What’s Your Sexual Style Era?

Discover Your Sexual Style Era And How You Can Use It To Get Laid More!

Find out what your sexual style era is and how to harness your inner 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s player to get laid, dates, and maximize your hookup potential. Find out what your best personality match is for hooking up, and which ones to stay away from!

Your Sexual Style is 70s

You like the night life, you like to boogie and you just want to be free to have sex with whoever you want! It’s not about being a cheat or hooking up with as many people as possible, you just love to have sex and you love enjoying other people’s bodies. You have a laid-back approach to sex, you don’t get jealous and you love to share. You’re up for almost anything as long as it’s a fun or new experience. If you hook up with others who share your values then you’re bound to have good times, but you should steer clear of jealous or possessive types. Your type has a lot of success online because of your “anything goes” attitude.

Your Sexual Style is 80s

You just wanna have fun and rock like a hurricane. You enjoy hooking up after a night of drinking and partying. You often enjoy the more reckless aspects of sex and often enjoy the feeling you get when under the influence. You’re up for threesomes, orgies, and usually go for someone because they’re physically attractive or appeal to your wild side. You don’t really want to settle down, but when you fall in love – you fall hard. You can date any of the types listed here, your main problem is remembering to wear protection and to rein in the cheating!

Your Sexual Style is 90s

You like big butts and you cannot lie! You’re a physical lover, you like to enjoy connecting on the dance floor, or through an athletic activity. It can be sometimes difficult to find your perfect match at the bar if you’re not on the same wavelength, so online is a good place for you to meet others who are into the same things as you. Meeting people at sporting events and concerts is also a good place for you to find a potential date or sexual partner.

Your Sexual Style is 00s and Beyond

You’re all about your phone, the latest hookup apps, the hottest trends, and convenience. You’re not willing to roll the dice at the bar or local coffee shop – you want to make sure you get laid and that you get laid when you want it. You’ve probably got at least three dating apps on your phone, and you’re constantly texting. For you to be successful in getting a second or third date – if that’s what you want – make sure to pay attention to your lover and not constantly checking your phone for messages or scrolling through other potential dates’ profiles! Check out more of our popular blog posts like What’s Your Astrology Sex Style and Your Superhero Cheating Style. For articles on how to get laid try out CheatingWifeSites.com!