Xpress.com Review

Xpress.com Review

Finding A Married Babe For Hookups Was EASY On Xpress!

I haven’t always been interested in married women. In fact, it’s a pretty recent development. After getting some intel from some guys who know what’s up, I started thinking about how much fun casually dating a married chick would be. The mystery. The danger of her jealous husband finding out! And above all, the absence of commitment. SO MANY chicks I was attracted to were very obviously looking for me to put a ring on it right away, and it was a total turn off.

Thankfully for me, some buddies of mine were raving about this new, legit dating site, XPress, and I knew I had to try it to see if I could fulfill my cheating wife fantasy!

The Rundown

XPress.com is a dating site that promises to be able to provide you with a match for whatever kind of relationship you’re seeking, whether it be a long term relationship, or even a casual fling with a married woman! Seeing that it was free to join, I began my journey happily.

XPress actually has a LOT to offer. Not only is it very intuitive to use and has about a million awesome and unique features, but it’s also easy on the eyes. To get to the member’s only section of the site, first you must register a username using a valid email address. NO CREDIT CARD WAS REQUIRED for sign up!

Sign up is easy, navigation is easy, and the naughty secret hookups with cheating babes came easily, too. What can I say? XPress.com is one of the best adult dating websites that I’ve ever used. It didn’t hurt that I was chatting up multiple married hotties just minutes after registering! The ability to chat in real time really hammered home the fact that XPress is not a scam. Since I’ve talked to SO MANY SINGLES about so many different things, there’s not a chance they could be fake profiles. The video chat also adds to the totally legit feel to the site, again proving to me that it’s not a scam.

Features of the Site

You just expect some features to come standard on a dating site. Like the base model of a car just has to be equipped with certain things in order for it to be functional, casual adult dating sites are no different. However, to separate the boys from the men, so to speak, a hookup site needs to step it up and offer some cool and unique features in order for it to get noticed. The functionality of the features is really what separates a mediocre casual sex site from the best casual sex site. XPress is one of those rare sites that really goes the extra mile, and you can tell! With 62 000 000 members and growing everyday, clearly they’re doing something right!

The XPress.com features detailed profiles, conveying different areas of interest (sexual positions, kink factor, relationship status, seeking, among others) that are not common to other sites. There is a profile picture requirement, so you can tell it’s not a scam site. You can see a timeline of who has viewed your profile, giving you not only an awesome ego boost, but also some excellent leads for the hookup of your dreams! The icing on the cake is the ability to not only upload a traditional profile, but XPress.com has made it possible to host sexy video profiles as well! Who doesn’t want to see their lust interest on camera, in action!?

Profiles are highly searchable with XPress’ advanced search function. I took FULL ADVANTAGE of the advanced search, as I was looking for a married woman, kind of a niche market. The search was able to find me not one, not two, but THIRTEEN women online who were both married and looking to have an affair in my area. Yes. That’s right. THIRTEEN! Online. Immediately after my first login. Surprise, surprise! Finding a married woman who wants some action on the side isn’t always the easiest thing, until you use the Xpress.com advanced search!

Other features of XPress.com include a lightning fast instant messaging system where you can see who is online now and chat in real time, interactive chat rooms for those times when you’re just feeling open and social, video chat to get your engines started, and, of course, a mobile app which allows you to update your profile and receive those sexy messages from a secret married somebody when you’re away from the computer. Read articles to enhance your pick up game, contribute to message boards and become a part of the very active, very sexy community! If all of those perks don’t convince you that XPress is the best hookup site on the market, then you’re crazy!


XPress has the best adult hookup features in a free membership that I’ve ever seen. When you sign up for free, you can create and edit your profile, view your matches, search the site, and enjoy limited use of the messaging features. If what you’re looking to accomplish online can be done within those parameters, there is no need to upgrade.

In my case, and what I personally recommend, having been a Gold Member of XPress.com for a few months now, is to spend the money on a Gold Membership. The saying you get what you pay for really rings true here. For the low price of $12.95/month with a one year subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access to all of the site’s features. Without the extra features there is no way I ever would have been successful in finding as many hot wives for hookups as I did. I took advantage of all of the extra features that get unlocked with the Gold Membership and was able to get laid all the time!

Since I was interested in finding myself a nice married girl, the unlimited access to instant messaging, email messaging and chat rooms really helped me out. I was also able to video chat and view live web cams of the babes I was interested in beforehand with the VIP membership, which was instrumental in ensuring they were the girl for me. The advanced search on XPress.com illustrated to me that there are secretly a lot more dudes who WANT to hookup with married chicks, and a lot more married chicks who want to get it on outside their marital bed than you might think! Being able to search directly for married women was a benefit I would not have been as successful without.

Membership prices decrease significantly when you commit to a longer period. The Gold Membership can be obtained for $12.95/month with a 1 year commitment, $23.32/month for 3 months or $34.95/month for one month. The Silver Membership (less feature access than the Gold, but more than free) will cost you $19.98 when you agree to a three month subscription, or $29.95/month when you want to pay for a one month period. Both Silver and Gold Memberships can be test driven with a 3-day trial, which will cost you $1.95/day.

I can honestly say that as soon as you start using XPress, you’re going to want to stick around, so the year Gold Membership is your best bet. Not to mention, by not going out a few nights a week to the bar to pick up hotties, you’ll be saving money anyway! The return is TOTALLY worth the investment, but don’t take my word for it! Try it yourself!

Needs Work

XPress.com is one of the big boys. As such, it has premium features, a large member database full of sexy young professionals (many of whom happen to be married, to my delight!), and all of the glitz and glam that come with a high end adult sex site.

There really isn’t very much to complain about here. Even when looking for what I thought was going to be a small market, married women, XPress.com delivered in spades. However, I wouldn’t be doing my dude diligence (see what I did there?) if I didn’t mention a couple of things that could be conceived as drawbacks, or were just downright irritating.

Because it is the largest adult dating site on the web, there are a lot of profiles that have been abandoned and need to be cleaned up. There’s no getting around this on the big sex websites, because there are simply just SO MANY PEOPLE. Having such a large membership is 100% a good thing when you’re searching for sex now, and especially when you want to get it on with a chick with a husband, but 62 000 000 members leaves a lot of room for dead profiles to slip through the cracks.

This DOES NOT MEAN that XPress.com is a scam! Some people are so quick to dismiss top dating sites like XPress as scam sites because there are a few unmaintained profiles here and there, when really their staff is just much smaller than the 62 000 000 members they have, and can only work so fast to keep things tidy. I can tell you that I PERSONALLY got laid by 29 housewives in less than 30 days. With my niche sexual desires, I was still able to find totally legit hookups, and a lot of them. XPress.com is legit. I wouldn’t lie to you guys!

Also, I’d be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t mention the ads. Pop ups are lame, no matter what site you’re on. Reduce the number of ads presented by upgrading your membership, or simply ignore them. It’s an easy fix.

The Final Word

After using XPress, I would’t waste my time on other adult sites. XPress is the best site for legit hookups! It had everything I was looking for in a casual sex site, and even some things I didn’t know I needed! The fact that I was able to not only find, but hook up with, as many married women as I was is still absolutely astounding to me! It was so easy to facilitate hookups on a variety of different platforms, and the fact that the advanced search meant I was only chatting with married chicks saved me time, which I then used to hook up. It didn’t have ANY of the signs that those other scam sites have, like millions of dead profiles, so it is definitely not a scam! Personally, I think XPress.com is the best bang for your buck! LITERALLY!