Wife Cheating 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Infidelity

Wife Cheating 101

If you want to cheat on your wife but don’t know where to start, then follow our Wife Cheating 101 Beginner’s Guide to hookup bliss and start getting laid! If you’ve never cheated on your wife before then it can seem exciting, but also daunting. The truth is, it’s actually quite easy once you get a grasp on these basic techniques for cheating success.

Wife Cheating Basics #1: The Lowest Hanging Fruit Is Often The Sweetest

The first rule for the uninitiated is: Don’t shoot for the prom queen your first time out. Not only will she take a lot longer to secure, but it can also complicate things if you want to leave your wife for your lover and your lover is just up for a good time. You need to gain experience in wife cheating with women that you feel less emotionally invested in, and master the art of cheating before you tackle your biggest challenge. The best way to practice is to get online and join hookup sex sites or infidelity sites where cheating wives and husbands go to find hookups. Many women join these sites because they love sleeping with taken men. Many of them blatantly write it in their profiles, and spell out exactly what kind of cheating husband they’re looking for. These are the kind of women that you want, because they already know what they’re signing up for and just want to have sex. You can send messages to a whole bunch of these women, increasing your odds. If you have your eyes set on a woman at work or in your social circle — be very careful. You’ll want to master the basics with women online first.

Wife Cheating Basics #2: Don’t Go Fishing In Your Own Pond

If you’re worried that the only women you meet seem to know your wife or live in the neighborhood, then the best place to find young women and lonely housewives up for a good time is by using online hookup and dating services. You can easily find someone for wife cheating in your own city without having to worry about people in your own social groups finding out. If you live in a smaller city, you can even widen your search to include women and cheating wives from the next city over, thereby ensuring you’ll never run into your wife or her friends. That’s the beauty of online infidelity. Keep it casual and keep it clean. Check out our reviews on the top hookup sites at Cheating Wife Site Reviews! If you don’t think sleeping with women in your wife’s social circle is a bad idea, then ask yourself these three questions: a) Can you cut things off with your lover easily with no repercussions? b) Is there absolutely no chance that your wife will discover your affair? c) Would you leave your wife for the woman you’re cheating with? If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, then avoid an affair within your social circle unless you don’t care whether your marriage survives. The easiest and safest way to have an affair is to hook up with women online. We cannot stress that enough. Years of research has told us that the majority of anonymous online affairs and hookups rarely ever get found out by the spouse, whereas most affairs that happen within the cheating spouse’s social circle almost always get discovered. For more tips and tricks for cheating check out more How To Cheat On Your Wife Articles!

Wife Cheating Basics #3: Learn To Compartmentalize

Another golden rule is: Don’t bring cheating home with you. When you’re home, be in “home mode.” Don’t flip through your phone texting your lover in front of your wife. Whether you like to cheat while you’re at work staying late, only on work trips, or you make up stories about why you have to be away for the weekend — keep it separate from your home life. Don’t bring home receipts or records of where you’ve been, make sure to shower before you get in — which is why it’s great to have a 24/7 gym membership— and don’t give your lovers your home phone number. When you’re at home with your wife, don’t think about your lover. Not only will detaching from who you’re hooking up with prevent your wife from sensing something is off, but it keeps your lover wanting more. The more you withhold, the more they want to be with you, and the hotter the sex is.

Wife Cheating Basics #4: Control What Information You Share

If you’re the type of guy who likes to over-share personal information, now is the time to rethink that approach. Not only can you get caught up in a lie, but you also want to keep what the cheating wives and lovers you’re sleeping with know about you. If you meet them online, they only know what you tell them. Don’t share personal information like your home address, where you work, or your wife’s name, unless things are very serious between the pair of you.

Advanced Wife Cheating Tips

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, read on and see what other advanced cheating tricks we can teach you!

Advanced Wife Cheating Tip #1: Juggling Multiple Lovers Is Like Real Life Juggling

Much like actual juggling, if you’re hoping to become a wife cheating expert then you need to know how many lovers you can juggle without dropping the ball. If you’re starting to forget names, including your wife’s, you’re in trouble. Scheduling is key to sleeping with multiple cheating wives and lovers. If you’re seeing more than two women, try to avoid spending more than one day or night a week with them. The more time you spend away from your wife, the more suspicious she will become, which is why it’s important to time manage effectively. Whether you have to color-code your hookups or create different names, do what you have to do to stay on top of who, what, where, and when.

Advanced Wife Cheating Tip #2: It’s All About Attitude

Much like everything else in life, confidence is key. If you want to be able to pull off stepping out on your marriage with cheating wives or hot girls, then you’re going to need to own the fact that you’re cheating. If you behave sketchy and paranoid, your wife will catch on pretty quickly. You have to act like you’re not doing anything wrong! This is a lot harder than it sounds. Are you sick of your stale love life? Your wife is never in the mood for sex, but is always in the mood to spend your money? Maybe your wife is just getting kind of long in the tooth, and you want something younger and more limber. Whatever your reason, you deserve to have the sex life you want, and you can find it today. The best way to behave when you’re doing a little wife cheating, is to act as you would usually. As long as you act like you’re doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, and don’t get defensive if questioned about your activities, then you should be golden. If you get mad and start throwing accusations around, your wife will become very suspicious. Always keep a level-head and remain cool.

Advanced Wife Cheating Tip #3: Play Hard, But Play Safe

When you cheat on your wife, you can still have the kind of wild sex you did in your early twenties, but you have to play safe! Using protection is key to never getting caught. Some men are masters of deception and keeping their lovers separate from their home lives, but they slip up when they never get caught by forgetting to wear protection. Always make sure to play safe if you’re sleeping with multiple lovers, not just for yourself but for your wife. You can have your cake and eat it, too – just wrap that cake up! EXTRA TIP: Always dispose of condoms after use. Don’t leave wrappers, used rubbers, or unused rubbers anywhere your wife could find them. For more tips and tricks check out our main page: CheatingWifeSites.com! All this sounds like fun, but where do you start? This wouldn’t be a Wife Cheating Guide without links to reviews of the most popular sites to find sexy women that want to sleep with married men. Read reviews of hot cheating sex sites right here!

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