The Top Five Monogamy Myths

The Top Five Monogamy Myths That Are Holding You Back

Read the top five monogamy myths and find out if any of them have been holding you back from enjoying wild sex and hot affairs with hot married people! The future is here, and it’s full of infidelity and exciting sexual adventures. You can either stick with boring, unsatisfying tradition – or catch up with cheaters in the know!

Monogamy Myth #1: Only Scumbags Cheat

A few decades ago cheaters were lambasted and shunned by society. Now, it’s so common that most spouses expect their husband or wife to cheat. Most people are already cheating before they get married, so why should it change once a ring goes on your finger?

Monogamy Myth #2: Even Considering Having Sex With Another Person Is Cheating

Men and many women think about sex almost one hundred times a day! How many of those people actually think about their spouse during all one hundred of those times? Very few! It’s actually been scientifically proven that engaging in fantasies about other people can help your relationship by keeping it from growing stale.

Monogamy Myth #3: Only Men Cheat

Gone are the days of men being the only cheaters, and women being tarred and feathered for stepping out. Now the statistics for infidelity are almost equal. The hottest dating sites report a huge increase in female members looking to cheat on their husbands over the past five years. Women are cheating left and right, and they’re not ashamed.

Monogamy Myth #4: Marriage Means You’ll Go Without Sex Forever

If your wife or husband won’t put it out, your sex life doesn’t have to be over. Today, you don’t have to waste away while your spouse fakes headaches, works late, or falls asleep right as you start touching them. It’s as easy as joining a hookup site or downloading a dating app onto your phone. You can be getting laid within days. It’s also proven that if your spouse thinks you might be stepping out but has no proof, they often show you more affection and sexual attention in a subconscious effort to keep you.

Monogamy Myth #5: You Either Have An Open Relationship – Or You Don’t

Sometimes both partners in a marriage or serious relationship want to experience other people, but don’t want to commit to the “open relationship” title. With that title comes the stereotype that you’re a couple who’s into swinging, sex clubs, and nudist colonies. Many couples just want to casually see someone else, or experience a fling every now and then. Many couples are now joining hookup sites as a couple looking for someone to join them in the bedroom. This way you both get to experience something new without feeling as though you’re breaking your bond. Many couples also like to play a game where they pick out who their spouse hooks up with. Why not give it a try if you’re not ready for cheating quite yet? Meet married women and men right now, check out this page of the newest articles on the topic of infidelity and reviews on the most popular cheating sites online:! See more popular blogs on cheating and getting laid online:Five Online Sex Ninja Moves and The XXX-Files: Sex Is Out There.