Ten Signs A Cheating Wife Wants to Have Sex with You!

Top Ten Signs A Cheating Wife Wants In Your Pants

Find out the top ten sexy signs that a cheating wife wants to have sex with you, and what you need to know before you make a move or say anything to her! We’ve compiled a list of the TOP TEN dead giveaways that a woman wants to step out on her husband. Whether you meet online or she’s a woman you see around socially, all of the same rules apply. Also see our list of super useful articles for guys new to and experienced in cheating: Cheating Wife Sites!

This Cheating Wife Wants You #1: Body Language

The top body language signs that a cheating wife wants to have sex with you, is if she does a combination of the following whenever she talks to you: a) She touches her hair a lot. b) She leans in and makes eye contact a lot. c) She smiles a lot and laughs at your jokes. d) She uses her body language to highlight her “assets” and get you to look at them. e) She stands in an “open pose”: her arms are loose and open not covering her chest, her pelvis is tilted in your direction. f) She stares at your lips when you’re talking, or when she’s talking about something sexual. Want some practice before you approach the cheating wife of your dreams? Check out our Cheating Wife Sites Reviews and see if you can hook up with some lonely, horny wives to get your feet wet. They’re a whole different breed than the single ladies!

This Cheating Wife Wants You #2: She Touches You

If this cheating wife finds any reason to touch you — whether it’s your arm, your back, your face, or to adjust your clothes — she wants to have sex with you. Women are very guarded around men they aren’t attracted to, and if she’s constantly trying to engage with you physically, it’s because she wants to touch the real thing between the sheets. Feel free to lightly reciprocate the touch, away from prying eyes, to indicate you’re interested.

This Cheating Wife Wants You #3: She Goes Out of Her Way to Talk to You

If this cheating wife zeroes in on you at any social gatherings, at the supermarket, or at work socials, then she could want to have sex with you. If she confides in you that the rest of the people at the same party are boring and uptight, she’s telling you that you’re on her level and you have a connection. This is a “gateway” sign, meaning that alone this might not mean much other than that she just enjoys your conversation or is friendly. If this sign is paired with other signs on this list, then you can guarantee she wants to have sex with you!

This Cheating Wife Wants You #4: She Compliments You

If this cheating wife is always telling you how good you are at something, she might want to have sex with you. If she’s constantly commenting on how nice you look and how well-dressed you are, she definitely wants to have sex with you. If your wife or partner sees this and gets jealous, it might make the cheating wife even more excited and aggressive with her approach. Take her compliments with a grain of salt, and play it cool. These women are used to getting what they want with a velvet tongue, and they enjoy the chase.

This Cheating Wife Wants You #5: She Texts You or Asks for Your Number

If this cheating wife asks you for your number so that she can contact you about something non-sexy, she still might be sending you a signal. She wants to be able to contact you. If she begins texting you in a professional manner, but then continues with friendly texts that aren’t related to what she initially asked for your number for, she could be interested. Usually this is a more subtle move for the cheating wife. She’s interested but she wants to feel it out first and get to know you, but since she can’t ask you out for a date, she has to do it through texting and maybe emails. Don’t act on this attraction initially, just be a funny, cool guy. She wants to be in the driver’s seat and if she becomes more interested, she’ll make a move.

This Cheating Wife Wants You #6: She Invites You Over

Whether this cheating wife “needs help with her plumbing” or for you to help her with a handyman task, if she invited you over — and just you — she could be interested in screwing you. Be careful though, this cheating wife could also be using her sex appeal to get you to do things for her and the excitement of the tease, but she may never follow through. Keep your demeanor interested but don’t cross any lines, and if you’re interested make sure not to react in a surprised fashion if she acts on her feelings toward you. Read our Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you don’t break any of the cardinal rules of hitting on married women or hooking up with them!

This Cheating Wife Wants You #7: She’s Competitive With Your Wife

If you’re married and this cheating wife knows your wife, but still treats you in a flirty fashion then she might be attracted to you because she’s competitive. Often these women get off on stealing, or temporarily hooking up with, the man of their “enemy.” This is a grey area for cheating. These women can be as unpredictable as the sex can be earth-shatteringly hot. Some of these women like to secretly savor the knowledge that they hooked up with another woman’s wife behind their back. Other cheating wives intend to rub it in and create drama. This is a situation where you have to use your best discretion.

This Cheating Wife Wants You #8: She’s Dressed Sexy For A Run-In With You

If every time you see this cheating wife, she is dressed to impress, and it’s not a special occasion, she might be trying to attract you. Is she always “accidentally” running into you, but always looks like a million bucks? She could be doing it on purpose. Give a neutral compliment and see how she reacts. If she responds in a flustered or pleased way she might be interested. If she responds with interest and she’s also doing one or more other signs on this list, then she’s probably into you. A lot of sexy housewives aren’t just flirting with men at the mini-mart. They’re also members on various popular online hookup hotspots for infidelity. See if the wife you’re attracted to is a member on one of the sites we’ve reviewed at CheatingWifeSites.com

This Cheating Wife Wants You #9: She Compares You To Her Husband

Does this cheating wife constantly talk about her husband’s shortcomings, while in the next breath complimenting you? She’s definitely interested in hooking up with you or starting an affair. She could be trying to get a rise out of her husband, but she’s also looking to step out and fool around. Whether it’s to get her own personal power back or because she’s ready to leave her dull husband, this will probably be a wild ride for you. She has something to prove and a lot of sex to have. These types of cheating wives often take the plunge and create a secret dating profile, they also often try and sleep with as many men as they can just to piss off their husbands.

This Cheating Wife Wants You #10: She’s Incredibly Inappropriate

She talks about sex, and how much she loves sex — ALL THE TIME. She wants you to know that she’s up for it at any time without actually putting herself out there to be rejected. She’s laying bread crumbs that lead straight to her bedroom, but you have to be quick enough to pick them up and jump on it before she becomes insulted. These women can easily lose interest if they think you’re not receptive to their advances, however subtle they may actually be. If she’s constantly asking for your opinion on how her body looks, she’s trying to gauge how attractive you find her. The higher the praise (keep it tactful), the more likely she is to feel confident enough to “just go for it.” This is the kind of woman that will get as freaky as you want, but she also might be a blabber mouth, so if you’re married then make sure she knows how to keep a secret. Still not convinced you can tell the difference between flirting and being friendly? Read one of our other popular articles like “Wife Cheating 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Infidelity” or “Discover the Benefits of Being a Cheating House Wife.” Don’t forget to check out our main article page for the hottest new tips, updated weekly on CheatingWifeSItes.com!