Tease Like Dita Von Teese!

Become The Ultimate Tease By Learning From The Best

Try these sexy, easy-to-do tips and discover how to tease men like Dita von Teese does and to amp up your sexual prowess and your chances of getting laid.

Tease Like Dita Von Teese Tip #1: Own Your Sexuality

In order for someone else to want to get close to your skin, you need to feel comfortable in it first. It’s a tip that’s as old as the internet, but it holds up today. There’s nothing more unattractive than a woman who’s nervously wiggling around trying to cover her exposed body parts or giggles every time you touch her in an erotic area. A large, confident woman is one hundred times sexier than a slim, neurotic woman. One way you can get more comfortable with your body is by walking around the gym locker room naked. Another way is to start wearing sexy lingerie – just for yourself. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel more sexual.

Tease Like Dita Von Teese Tip #2: Red Lips Demand Attention

Try different makeup and clothing styles until you find the one that highlights your attributes and makes your flaws invisible. Every woman is different and it can take time to find the right lipstick shade and hair color, but once you do – you’ll have men eating out of your hand!

Tease Like Dita Von Teese Tip #3: Know Your Angles

This isn’t just about posing in photos for your dating site accounts – although that’s also important! It’s about knowing how you look to a man. Always remember that if you look good on camera, you’ll look good to him. Take it even one step further and find out what you look like in different sexual positions, ensuring that you always make sure you look your sexiest if you’re enjoying a romp with the lights on!

Tease Like Dita Von Teese Tip #4: Use Your Intelligence

There’s nothing sexier than a woman with brains. No one likes a know-it-all, so show your intelligence by holding a conversation, keeping up with current events, and having interests. While men might be initially attracted to physical qualities, it’s the mind that keeps them coming back for more.

Tease Like Dita Von Teese Tip #5: Leave Them Wanting More

Many women think “sexy” means dressing in the least amount of clothes as possible. Not so! What’s even sexier is showing very little. What skin you do reveal becomes the central focus for your male admirer. If you’re wearing an elegant pencil skirt with a demure shirt – but it has a small keyhole cut-out on your chest – then that’s the area you’re highlighting – and giving that little “tease” of flesh is more exciting than showing all of it. His imagination will do much more than you can! If you’re looking for the right man to try these tricks on, then check out articles on CheatingWifeSites.com where you can find reviews of the hottest adult hookup sites. If you liked this blog entry, check out these similar ones: Cheating 101: Dress For Sex-cess and Get Yours By Getting Hers!