Your Tarantino Cheating Style

Which Tarantino Character Are You Playing In The Game Of Love?

Find out which Quentin Tarantino film character you are when it comes to cheating, sex, and hooking up — and what your cheating style says about you!

Your Cheating Style: Vincent Vega

You’re a reluctant cheater, but married women totally love you. Your youthful looks and charm are genuine, even if you do shady things for a living. You’re a visceral lover and willing to bend over backward for both your significant other and your side lovers! Your biggest fear is getting caught.

Your Cheating Style: Mia Wallace

You’re with someone impressive but they don’t pay you the attention that you crave. You seek outside affection to make up for your spouse or significant other’s lack of quality time spent with you. For you, cheating is more about validation and feeling desired. Cheating can be fun, but let your spouse know how you feel.

Your Cheating Style: Seth Gecko

You’re a serial cheater with a visceral enjoyment of the opposite sex, but you have a code of ethics that you won’t cross. You don’t view other cheaters in the same light as you. You think what you’re doing is different than just regular cheating. And you might be right, because you make sure to take care of business, and keep it as professional as possible.

Your Cheating Style: Django

You’re a passionate lover and live life to the fullest. You cheat because you’re unhappy or feel trapped. You would rather not be cheating, and you don’t want to hurt the people in your life, but a man’s got to be free – and nothing tastes better than sexual freedom!

Your Cheating Style: Gogo Yubari

You’re young, intimidating, and have lots of tricks up your sleeve. If someone crosses you they’ll feel the full force of your total, utter madness. You’re passionate and crazy, but deep down you just want to be respected. If you step out, it’s usually because you feel like your significant other isn’t giving you the respect that you deserve – or because you want a new challenge.

Your Cheating Style: The Gimp

Cheating isn’t about emotions or even the other person. For you, cheating is about sexual pleasure and fulfilling your deepest and darkest desires. Even if your significant other is fulfilling all of your needs, you’ll still probably step out for that extra sexual zing. You don’t view this as cheating, because you’re not emotionally connecting to the other person – they are merely a toy.

Your Cheating Style: Vernita Green

On the outside, you’re the picture of suburban perfection, but you’re hiding a dark side that no one knows about – except maybe your lover. You’ll do anything you can to keep your secrets safe, and you’ll never get caught cheating — unless someone from your past comes looking for you. Check out these related articles: Your Superhero Cheating Style, What’s Your Sexual Style Era? , and our popular main article site!