Your Superhero Cheating Style

Start Having Superhero Sex By Finding Out Which Super-Cheater You Are!

Which superhero are you – in the bedroom? Each man has a distinct cheating and hookup style, find out yours and how to maximize it for the hottest sex! Ever wondered what superhero you’re like in the bedroom? Keep reading to find out which one you are, and how it can help you be a better super-lover, super-cheater, and super-guy.

Superhero Cheater Style: Superman

You believe the world is a great place and you want to protect it. You have a strong moral code and you want to help people. But being the Superman that you are, it’s not easy for mere mortal women to live up to your endurance and needs. You often cheat because you’re just not satisfied physically by only one woman. You don’t want to hurt the one you’re with, but your high standards and physical nature require you to. You prefer to keep your cheating completely secret, as you like to look like the good guy at all times.

Superhero Cheater Style: Wolverine

A lone wolf, aggressive, physical, and full of passion – you want to commit, but you just can’t. You have other obligations, and you don’t want to open yourself up to being hurt. It’s easier to be with many women without committing one. While some of these women might view you as a cheater, you don’t view them as your girlfriend – so there’s no problem here! You view sex as a release of tension and stress, a way to feel like a human or re-connect with the world – but it doesn’t last for long. As soon as you’re done, you’re back off into the night alone.

Superhero Cheater Style: The Flash

In and out before she knows what hit her. You don’t have time to stay in one place, or with one woman. Your relationships are short-lived and you often get a new girlfriend before the old one has been told.

Superhero Cheater Style: The Submariner

You’re a contradictory guy, you’re trying to be good but deep down you love to be bad. Even if you get a girlfriend or wife, it won’t be long before your eye starts to wander. You don’t cheat because you’re a sex addict or because you don’t love your significant other, you cheat because you love the thrill of doing something bad. Part of you wants your significant other to find out just to get a reaction, and to rise to the challenge of winning her back. You confuse love and passion with anger and fighting sometimes, and making someone cry is often the only way you know they love you. You’ve probably ruined more girls’ lives than any of the other superhero cheaters!

Superhero Cheater Style: The Hulk

You’re a misunderstood cheater. You don’t cheat because you’re a jerk, you cheat because your significant other doesn’t show you the attention or love that you desire. You’re a moody, passionate guy and all you want is to feel loved. You only cheat to make your wife jealous, or to feel validated. It’s better for you to find a woman who’ll make the time and show you the love that you deserve. See more related articles: Five Online Sex Ninja Moves and Your Tarantino Cheating Style. Check out tons of pointers on cheating and affairs at!