Five Online Sex Ninja Moves

The Five Online Sex Ninja Moves That’ll Get You Laid

If you joined a dating site but aren’t sure how to get any actual dates, follow these tips to become an online sex ninja and get girls to ask you out!

Online Sex Ninja Move #1: Espionage

Research. Figure out what kind of woman you want before you start messaging anyone. This is also known as Shinobi-Monomi. Master of disguises, ninjas would disguise themselves to discover and acquire information about their enemy.

Online Sex Ninja Move #2: Infiltration

Once you know what these women are looking for and are interested in, you can tailor your profile to cater to their interests and become their dream guy. This method, in ninja terms, is also known as Tanuki-gakure. This is the practice of climbing a tree and camouflaging oneself within the foliage.

Online Sex Ninja Move #3: Connection Karate

A good way to message girls who seem “out of your league” is to distract them from your actual agenda. Message them something friendly and harmless – like about something they wrote in their profile. Maybe they like a certain TV show and there’s recently been news about it. Open dialogue this way, and come in from a “it’s just cool to chat with someone about this thing that I like” perspective than “when can we meet because I want to have sex with you.” This ninja technique is called Hitsuke. Hitsuke is the practice of distracting guards by starting a fire away from the ninja’s planned point of entry.

Online Sex Ninja Move #4: GPS Ju-Jitsu

By using hookup apps you increase your odds of getting laid by the women that you’re messaging, and by getting laid in general. If you’re out at a bar, you don’t have to strike up a conversation with a random woman if you know the bar is near where someone you’re interested in lives or works. If you’re in their neighborhood, send them a friendly message asking where’s a good place to go – and casually invite them if they respond to you quickly. By making yourself available for the first hookup (and only the first hookup!) you increase your chances of getting some action!

Online Sex Ninja Move #5: Ass-assination

To become a true sex samurai and online hookup ninja, one must learn to “ass-assinate” his target. Once you emotionally disconnect from the outcome of your date, you can view the woman as a challenge instead of something that makes you emotionally weak. Women can sense when a man is more invested than she is, which puts you in a position of weakness. If you want a woman to fall for you, you have to make her believe that you’re the more desirable catch and that she should be honored to be with you. Of course, you cannot tell her that. You have to make her believe it through your actions – like being too busy to hang out, seeming less interested in her, and by going on dates with other women. For more tips and tricks for hooking up online, check out CHEATING WIFE SITES and learn from the true masters! See related: Go From Introvert To Sextrovert and Cheating 101: Spread ‘Em, Bed ‘Em, But Don’t Wed ‘Em.