How To Make Your Own Cheating Wife Stories In Real Life

Fulfill Women’s Fantasies By Making Real Life Cheating Wife Stories

If you’ve ever wanted to live out your own real life cheating wife stories with hot, horny wives looking for a new man — we can show you how to find them! With the growing popularity of cheating in books and film, women want to escape from reality and into the arms of a man who knows his way around the bedroom. So many women are sick of the lack of attention they get from their husbands. Beautiful married women all over the world want to feel sexy again. The best way to get that feeling back is by having an affair. By being “the other man,” you get to enjoy all of the perks — sex — without having to spend all of the money and doing boring married things with them. You are their sexy escape from reality, and you’re rewarded with creative and enthusiastic sex that their husbands haven’t had in years. Having sex with cheating wives sounds great – but how do you make it happen? Read these FIVE tips and tricks and start having sex with cheating wives!

Make Real Life Cheating Wife Stories By…Becoming Irresistible To Women

One of the easiest ways to learn what’s appealing to women, especially cheating wives, is to join a secret affairs hookup site. You can poke around anonymously until you feel like putting yourself out there or messaging women. The benefit of this, if you’re patient enough, is to find out what women want. Read the profiles of the women looking to have affairs and tailor your profile accordingly. Most cheating wives are looking for something that’s the opposite of what they already have, and they’re looking for some fun. Use your manners when first approaching women online or in-person. Just because a woman seems up for it, doesn’t mean it’s in the bag. Treat her with respect while you express interest. Listen to what she likes, and learn to be the man she’s looking for. Want to try out a cheating wives hookup site but don’t know where to begin? Check out these reviews to find what you’re looking for: Cheating Wife Sites Reviews.

Make Real Life Cheating Wife Stories By… Finding Out What Women Really Want When They Cheat

Every minute of every day, men are living out their own real life cheating wife stories! Men cheat for different reasons than women do. Most men cheat because they’re horny, their wives can’t keep up with their sex lives, or someone shiny and new has come along that they have to try out. Women usually cheat because they are not emotionally fulfilled, they no longer feel desired by their partner, or they are stuck in a life that they never wanted. While those reasons might scare a man off cheating wives, the truth is it’s very easy to use this knowledge to adapt your approach to married women. For more on the what’s and why’s of cheating, check out the Cheating Wife Sites main page.

Make Real Life Cheating Wife Stories By… Learning From Romance Novels And Films

Don’t worry we won’t make you read anything beyond this article to learn how to create your own real life cheating wife stories! The first thing you have to figure out is which type of guy are you and what type of cheating wife do you want to have an affair with?

Cheating Wife Stories Type #1: The Hero

If you like to be the knight in shining armor, the guy who rescues the cheating wife from her awful husband, then you must know the traits of The Hero, and how to identify women looking for a hero: a) Be a good listener: Often women who crave a hero are actually looking or a man to validate their worth. They want the passionate sex, but even more than that, they want to be heard. If you can recall things that she’s told you and bring it up at a later point in the conversation or during a later date, they will love you for it. Pay attention and you’ll be golden. b) Enjoy her company at all times, not just in the bedroom: This type of cheating wife also wants you to see her value as more than just a woman to have sex with. She wants you to see her as an intellectual, as humorous, as someone you want to spend time with. Show her how much you value her by cooking her dinner, giving her thoughtful (but not extravagant) gifts, and not jumping straight into the bedroom when you meet. c) Be everything her husband isn’t: If this cheating wife complains to you about things her husband lacks or things he does that she hates, she’s hoping that you won’t disappoint her by doing (or not doing) those same things. Pay close attention to this, as these are clues that will lead you straight to her heart — and her bedroom!

Cheating Wife Stories Type #2: The Distraction

You like to have sex with cheating wives, but you don’t really want to stick around to save them from their life — or even have to hear about how their day went. You’re just in it for some hot sex and the lack of commitment. If the reason you chase a cheating wife is because they’re already spoken for and it’s fun to screw another man’s wife, then ONLINE HOOKUP SITES is the way to go. How can you attract women who just want to cheat on their husbands and have sex? a) Play dumb: That’s right! A wife looking to sleep with the pool boy or for a bad boy on a hookup site isn’t looking to leave her husband any time soon. She just wants to feel sexy and alive. Save the intensity and grand gestures for The Hero and The Soulmate. This wife just wants you to be there, be sweet, and maybe a little naughty — but not TOO naughty. b) Let her objectify you: Whether you think you’re physically attractive or not, women find many different things attractive, especially when they’re looking to cheat. If you’re in decent physical shape, then highlight this. If you have a skill — whether or not you think a woman would find it attractive — highlight it. If you have a personality trait that people tell you is awesome — highlight it. Studies show that women who are looking for a “distraction fling” often cling to a reason to cheat, even as little as an attribute. c) Be fun: This cheating wife isn’t looking for a hero or a soul connection, but she’s looking for a good time to escape her dull life. Give her that! Be loose, spontaneous, and don’t get angry or ruffled by anything that happens. Roll with the punches, and everyone wins. Then you can move on to the next cheating wife!

Cheating Wife Stories Type #3: The Soulmate

Cheating wives looking for a “Soulmate” are looking for an out-of-this-world experience. They are usually unhappy because they think their life is boring, their husband is boring, or they never really got to “experience life” before they got married. Worded simply, they believe they settled. They want the full romantic experience — passion, fights, wine, and wild sex. How can you tell the woman you want is hoping to make her own cheating wife stories? She’ll like these things: a) Spontaneity: What these women really crave is adventure. The best way to show them your adventurous side is to surprise them with something thrilling and fun. They’re not going to be into you surprising them with a trip to the amusement park, unless you’ve also snuck in some wine and plan to screw her somewhere public. Surprise her with unexpected locations and passionate gestures — meaning no flowers for this girl, she wants to be serenaded. b) Turn up the heat: Of all the cheating wife types, this is the one that really wants the “wild romance” seen in movies. She wants to be stared at intensely, pressed against a wall, and she wants danger and excitement. This is the kind of woman turned on be encounters that may lead to her being caught by her husband or their friends. She wants a broody, sexually charged man. c) Share her interests: Whether or not you think her interests are stupid, play along and show that you have something in common – especially if her husband looks down on her interests. By showing her that you also enjoy similar things, she will think that you “get” her. If you’re also looking to make that kind of connection, then be genuine, otherwise this works great for getting a woman into bed! RELATED: For more on making your fantasies a reality, read our other article “Make the Cheating Wife Videos You Watch a Reality.” Go over the basics and learn the best tricks online with our “Wife Cheating 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Infidelity.” Check out the rest of our free articles here!