See How Legit Cheater Dating Is With MILFTASTIC Here

See How Legit Cheater Dating Is With MILFTASTIC Here


This month, I’ve had the privilege of testing out a fairly new niche dating site called MILFtastic. I wanted to see if would deliver on the goodies promised: sexy hookups with beautiful MILFs and sugar mamas, and my results were pretty good. If you’re looking to assess whether is a scam or whether it’s legit, you aren’t the only one – and I’ve got the answer for you. The short of it? MILFtastic is legit and a load of fun! MILFtastic isn’t a typical cheating wife site; it’s a site for sugar mamas and cougars and MILFs to find sexy fun with young, eager guys (and gals – there’s some lesbian fun too), but not specifically cheaters. At least, that’s not how they market themselves. Still, it seemed up our alley as far as is concerned. I wanted to see if there was actually any real cheating affair fun to be had with these sexy, mature women, and there sure was. On a site for MILF and MILF lovers, I think you’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter some cheating wives and lonely housewives. All assumptions proved pretty much true – MILFTASTIC is FULL of cheating wives and I got a lot of action! milftastic main

Features Of The Site

  • Member advanced search that includes keyword search function (so, look for “cheat” or “cheating” to find members who have listed this in their profile, or who are active on “cheating” message boards)
  • Browse by location, preferences, availability, etc. (they’re pretty good about letting you check out who is on the site)
  • Site recommended matches based on preferences (this wasn’t great – see “negatives?”)
  • Option to join “hook up now” waitlist community (for people into last minute hookups without strict preferences)
  • Messaging (instant and private and video)
  • Video chat also includes one-way web cam streaming (so you can give a show or watch a show – for multitaskers 😉 )
  • Chat rooms and message boards
  • MILF PORN! (well, members basically give it away, but you get access to professional real porn too)

The Rundown

milftastic-main I’ve been testing out for a month and had pretty good results, I must say. I was looking strictly for cheaters though, so I had to spend a bit more time searching around the site to get what I was looking for. It wasn’t much of a tough search, though, as there were lots of women who wrote directly in their profile that they were married and seeking discreet hookups. Those women were always really eager to get right to the action, but were only ever available for last minute meetups. If you were looking for a large number of hookups with different cheating wives, without too much back and forth and foreplay, these women are your best bet, and MILFTASTIC happens to be teeming with them. My favorites were a bit different though… My favorite hookups on happened with the women that didn’t immediately admit they were cheating, but you could tell from their answers to questions and the photos with strategically angled shots that obscured their face a bit. Then I’d get caught up in sexy webcam conversation with her and she’d suddenly jump up from her seat and cover herself because her husband had come home unexpectedly. When she returned to the chat, she’d be breathless and hornier than ever, and I’d be at her place in the next 20 minutes to have the most passionate sex. Whew… Variations of that encounter happened quite often and made my time on MILFtastic exceptional. Take it from me: the more concerned she is about getting caught, the hotter the sex.

Results After A Month On

  • Sent 110 messages
  • Received 116 messages (96 responding and 20 uninitiated messages)
  • 45 dates
  • 25 hookups
  • 20 second dates scheduled
These are pretty exceptional results, I gotta say. I didn’t expect to be doing this well on a site for MILFs and cougars, but I suppose it’s sort of a natural connection. Most of the women who messaged me of their own accord were unattached, so I didn’t really pursue those connections. The rest were dirty little cheaters and were all to eager to flirt and more with a strange man. I had a blast. I’m pretty sure I could have hooked up with every woman I took out, if I had not been doubling up on date days. Usually if I had two dates on one day, I’d miss out on a hookup with the earlier one but always take the later date to bed. I don’t know if it was a matter of being distracted, or saving the best for last. Either way, I’m in no way disappointed in my results. I think they prove pretty conclusively that there’s no MILFtastic scam. With newer sites I guess you have to wonder, but I think a lot of the time people claiming “dating site scam!” are just butthurt because they didn’t have enough game to actually hook up with the ladies basically giving it away. Don’t blame the site for your lack of skills. is legit and you will hook up if you join, presuming you’re not a total lamewad.


Milftastic was legit and easy-using for the most part. No site is perfect though, right? Apart from the fact that I did have to do some of my own searching to find cheating wives despite the fact that I listed this in my matching preferences, I have few complaints. I do think the site could have made it easier for me to find what I wanted, but when I took matters into my own hands more, it wasn’t exactly that challenging. I wouldn’t say it was exactly a hindrance (see results above). If the makers were looking at improving the site, though, maybe I’d suggest better matching function. Also maybe a few more unique features. I’m not really complaining though. They did really well, as far as I’m concerned.

Tips For Finding Cheaters On Milftastic

If you’re using to find MILFs, cougars, and sugar mamas and it doesn’t matter if they are single or attached, then you are pretty much guaranteed success. If you’re looking for cheating wifes, then you may need a few tips to get exactly what you’re looking for. Like I said, you can use the advanced search function to look for cheaters, but it won’t connect you to the MILFs that are really trying to be discreet. To find those women, you need to read the profiles and check out their pictures. If she never shows a full shot of herself with face and body together, that’s clue #1. If most of her pictures are taken in a bathroom, with door closed, that’s tip #2. The biggest clue, #3, is if her pictures are taken in her bedroom with daylight but it looks rushed and candid. When checking out her profile, look for lots of content about fantasies and about what she’s like as a person. If she’s cheating, she’s feeling under-appreciated and wistful, so she’s going to talk a lot about herself and what she wants, but not much about her daily activities or responsibilities. That would give her away. Messages? My tips for messages are to just be suggestive but easy going. Don’t launch right into “Dirty girl, what would your husband think if he knew you were on this site?” but do tease them like that when you get further into it. No one likes to be teased by strangers. She’ll want to know that you’re worthy of her trying to win your esteem first. But make no mistake: the ones who include the fact that they’re cheating right in their profile definitely want to play that up. They want to focus on the cheating and be made to feel naughty, just don’t make them feel too guilty or bad. There’s a difference between sexy naughty and painfully guilty. Try and keep emotion out of messages and DO NOT fall for her. Start with something easy and sexy like, “I bet you make the other ladies jealous with [name her featured body parts] like yours. I know you’re driving me wild. How can I return the favor?” Milftastic members are pretty easy going and likely to respond to any decent attempt at contact.

Final Word?

Is there a MILFtastic scam? No. Is it worth checking out and signing up? For sure. Will it get you hookups with hot cheating wives? If you’re smart about it, YEP. It’s easy to get hookups with unattached cougars and sugar mamas on If you are looking specifically for cheating MILFs, you can definitely find them on MILFtastic, but you will have to put in just a bit more effort to fulfill this specific preference, as you have to on all adult dating sites. just happens to provide these connections much better/easier than the other sites. So, definitely give a shot!