How To Ball Like A Celebrity

Ball Like A Celebrity And Play Like A Pro Player

Ever wonder how famous and successful men get and string along so many models and beautiful women without missing a beat? Find out how with these hot tips! Even a regular guy can have women hanging off him and date several women at once if he plays by these tried and tested tips.

Ball Like A Celeb Tip #1: Always Have A Plan B, C, And Double D

Never put all of your balls in one basket! If you want women to want you, then you have to have multiple women on the go. Women can sense it when you’re really into them, and it turns them off – at first. Eventually that’s what they want, but right off the bat – if they think they’re your only option they’ll exploit it! The best way to thwart that way of thinking, is to fill your time dating multiple women. By being unavailable and “accidentally” letting it slip that you were hanging out with a “female friend” your lover will become jealous and competitive. Even if she wasn’t that into you before, she’ll be more into you knowing that someone else might snap you up. Any easy way to become a player is to make dates with girls online, for more tips on that check out the articles on!

Ball Like A Celeb Tip #2: Tell Her When You’re Hanging Out

Even if you have the most open schedule in the world – don’t tell her that. If you appear like you’re willing to make time for her – any time – she’ll be less interested. You have to tell her when you can hang out, and tell her you’re busy. This will make her more interested and curious about what you could be doing with your time – making you seem more important and successful. All successful men are busy.

Ball Like A Celeb Tip #3: Keep Your Phone Ringing

Whether or not you’re actually messaging multiple girls, if you think that your honey is losing interest, by looking like you’re getting messages from other girls you can instantly pique her interest. Don’t overdo it though – because texting and going on dating apps is rude, but making it seem like you’re being sneaky about it will compel her to hang around. The popular guy always has more to choose from, and by seeming like you’re in demand and could “take it or leave it” she’ll be even more intrigued.

Ball Like A Celeb Tip #4: Practice Your Sexual Technique

Become really good at one sex move or technique. Many men refuse to go down or are terrible at oral sex. By learning the techniques and practicing on women, you’ll keep women around longer. Whether oral sex, endurance, or your sensual approach is what makes her moan – have at least one move up your sleeve to keep them wanting more. Check out these similar blog posts for more hot tips: Your Tarantino Cheating Style and Five Online Sex Ninja Moves.