Getting Away With Cheating Sex Made Easy

Enjoying Cheating Sex: The Twenty-First Century Sex Revolution

Find out why cheating sex and online affairs are easy, and why getting away with it is even easier when you read our in-depth infidelity sex handbook! Why do people cheat in relationships and why do some people prefer monogamy? Let’s get real and talk about the ins and outs of getting it on with someone else’s partner.

In the past few months, the same topic as been featured all over the news, on the hottest websites, and in the hottest magazines: INFIDELITY IS THE NEW FIDELITY. How does that make sense? The dating and marriage landscape has changed drastically over the past decade, thanks in part largely to online dating sites and a global shift in perspective. We live in a new era, where cheating doesn’t mean betrayal, and sex is a beautiful thing that is meant to be shared.

In our article “Cheating Sex: The Modern Marriage Lifestyle Report,” we go over the implications of this new free and liberated way of dating, having relationships, and enjoying sex. The more linked in we become as a species, the more we want to reach out and touch each other! The average marriage doesn’t last more than 5 – 7 years now, and it’s not because each spouse has fallen out of love, it’s because sex with other people is natural and we’re still going through the gradual shift toward a society that encourages sex with many different people!

Why Cheating Sex Is Rampant

This shift in perspective is causing rifts in marriage, but it’s also paving the way for new kinds of relationships. Many men and women aged 18 – 26 are trying out polyamorous relationships and living situations. Because of their open-minded approach to sex, relationships, and what defines cheating sex, they are building stronger bonds and are much happier.

Many of that demographic flourish within the online cheating sex communities because that’s where other like-minded, horny young and old adults like to meet. They are even participating in a new sex fad known as “Cheating Sex Videos Scenarios – A New Dating Technique.” This is where these 20-something-year-olds in relationships live out their fantasies by meeting people online. This new trend involves “cheat role-play” and setting up situations where thrilling cheating-type situations could occur.

What category do the people aged 27 – 65 who regularly frequent online cheating sex sites, cheating wife sites, and use hookup apps fall under? This demo is known as the “cheating generation.” It’s not because people aged 27 – 65 cheat more, it’s just considered less socially acceptable in their eyes. Many men are cheating on their wives—every minute, of every day—but they feel guilty about it. There is no need to feel guilty about cheating anymore, because it’s totally socially acceptable thanks to the growing popularity of Cheating Sex Sites.

Why Cheating Sex Is Socially Acceptable

These days cheating is so common that it’s basically a given that if you enter into a new relationship you are probably both seeing other people. It’s also assumed that if you marry these days, you’ll also be sharing your husband or wife with someone else at another time. The beauty of this is that because there has been a 50% rise in extramarital affairs in the last 5 years, it’s become a social norm. When over half of your population think or do something, it has become part of the way society operates. At least one person in 70 – 80% of today’s couples will cheat at some point in the relationship.

Where do they go to cheat? Sometimes it’s with a coworker, a friend, or someone they met at some kind of social function. More commonly, people meet each other through online sex sites. If cheating is so “bad” then why is everyone doing it? It’s because cheating isn’t bad. In fact, there are many benefits to enjoying the body of another outside of your marriage. For more on this subject, read our article “Cheating Wife Sex Stories: Benefits Of Forbidden Lust.”

You Got Caught In A Cheating Sex Scandal—So What?

When everyone else is cheating, who’s to blame? Every day we’re bombarded with temptation in advertisements, television, and sexually attractive and interested people. Twenty years ago many of the temptations that exist today didn’t even exist! We now have apps that can locate free sex for you within a couple of blocks of wherever you happen to be at any given time. You can browse through potential sexual partners in seconds, and because women and men are so much less sexually repressed, there’s so many people that want to have sex with you! If so many people are enjoying the pleasures of cheating sex, then why do you have to lie about it to your spouse if you get caught?

Although many women know that their husbands cheat on them, it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. As long as everything seems fine, then it must be! As soon as your wife starts to doubt that her perfect world is based on a lie, she starts to panic that she’ll lose everything. Most wives either continue to ignore it or confront their husbands. If their husbands manage to talk their way out of getting busted, then their wife often goes back to living in her perfect world. It’s when concrete evidence is presented—evidence they cannot ignore—like another woman’s panties in the car, a pop-up sext, lipstick on your collar, or money spent on gifts she never received, that they lose it.

When you become an expert cheater, it’s not just for yourself, it’s also for your wife’s sanity. It’s in both of your best interest to read up on the best ways to cheat, so that you never get caught. Check out our articles designed <em>specifically</em> to help men like you cheat on their wives with the least amount of tears, and the most amount of orgasms! Find out how to cheat like a pro with our online Cheating On Your Wife Guide. Enjoy our article “Cheating Sex Stories: Advice From The Hookup Trenches” for a more in-depth look at the skills required to pull of cheating sex with cheating wives!

Many great men have survived cheating scandals and their wives finding out what kind of sexy covert adventures they’ve been having. If you’re not convinced that you could pull of getting out of trouble, then read how the pros use public relations and charm to fix the damage infidelity has done to their marriage. Our “Sex After Cheating: How Famous Men Turn Cheating Around” article is one of the most popular on the site!

How To Stay Faithful While Enjoying Cheating Sex

As any good cheater knows, it’s not about the person or the love—it’s about the sex. You can still be completely devoted heart and soul to your wife, but lend your body out on weekends for a good cause! Cheating sex doesn’t have to feel like you’re cheating if you don’t let it! Men all over the world have learned that one of the greatest tricks on the planet is COMPARTMENTALIZING. As long as you keep your affairs separate from your home life, and check your emotions at the bedroom door, you can have your cake and screw it, too! One of the biggest mistakes men make when stepping out for a little cheating sex, is that they become emotionally involved or spend too much time with their lover.

Follow these simple rules to make sure you don’t get caught having cheating sex:

You’ll Never Get Caught Having Cheating Sex If You Stick To Girls Over 25

It’s a hard one to stick to! So many beautiful young women out there are hungry for married men. But just like a venus flytrap, she won’t want to let go of her prey once it’s in her jaws! The younger the woman, the more emotionally volatile she will be. It’s a lot easier to break the heart of a twenty-year-old student than it is to break the heart of an experienced cheating wife. This is why cheating experts recommend that when you step out on your spouse, you hook up with another married person. This way you decrease your chances of drama, and you increase your chances of keeping it strictly sexy. With so many online sites catering specifically to cheating husbands and wives, you’ll never run out of options in your city. To read our reviews of the hottest cheating sites, click here.

You’ll Never Get Caught Having Cheating Sex If You Use A Fake Name Online

Always, always, always (!!!) use a fake name online when you sign up for cheating sites and hookup apps. Try to avoid using a clearly identifiable photo, and keep the specific details about your life to the bare minimum. Anyone else who’s on an xxx personals site for extramarital sex knows the code and follows it, too. Most cheating sites have privacy policy’s that ensure discretion, but you always want to go the extra mile so you can sleep at night. You might also think about creating a second social media account that your wife and friends aren’t aware of. If you plan on seeing your affairs for more than just cheating sex, you don’t want it to interfere with your home life.

You’ll Never Get Caught Having Cheating Sex If You Leave Before Midnight

Don’t get busted after an hours-long cheating sex session. Knock boots early to save face later. If you show up at home at the crack of dawn and you smell like perfume and sweat—you’re going to be in the doghouse before you know it. If you come home within a reasonable time frame, you can always blame “the guys” for keeping you out late, or having too much work to do in the office. Those excuses become flimsier the later into the evening it is. Although your wife may look asleep, she’s probably wide awake and wondering where the heck you are.

For more on the rules of infidelity to make your cheating game tight as possible, check out our hot-off-the-presses “Sex Cheating Guide To Apps, Affairs, And Sex Positions” and “Cheating Girlfriend Sex Scandals And The Regular Guy.”

How To Enjoy Cheating Sex, Even When Your Wife Won’t Let You

How are you going to cheat if your wife is always around, always watching, and asks you a million questions about every single move you make? Worst of all—she never puts out! What’s a guy to do? You can start by reading some of our awesomely useful articles: “Have Hot Cheating Wife Sex Without Your Wife Knowing,” “Caught Cheating: Sex And Illicit Affairs With Pornstars,” and “Is Cyber Sex Cheating?—The Online Hookup Grey Area</a>.” Learn from the best! is rated the #1 site for finding cheating wives, enjoying cheating sex, and finding people to hook up with for extramarital affairs.

Remember these last few tips to help you on your road to cheating sex success!

1. Cheating Sex Requires Scheduling

Keep on top of your schedule as well as your wife’s. Make sure your lies hold up by keeping track of them in a day planner or calendar app—an organized cheater never gets caught.

2. Cheating Sex Requires Patience

Enjoying cheating sex requires patience if you’re hooking up with cheating wives. Not only do you have to wait until your wife isn’t around before you can text, call, or message—but so does she. Don’t worry if you don’t get a response right away—cheating takes time, but it’s worth it for the red hot cheating sex!

3. Cheating Sex Requires Pre-Planning

If you stay on top of your game, make sure to keep your passwords organized, and know how to maneuver your free time between work and home—you can always find time to cheat!

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