Get Yours By Getting Hers!

Steal Her Man And Enjoy Better Sex

When all of the good men are taken – steal them! There’s no reason why you should let a ring stop you from having the best sex and relationship of your life! When you sleep with a husband – who isn’t yours – he’s more inclined to be an attentive lover, and invest himself in your relationship.

How To Steal A Man Tip #1: Become One Of The Guys

The easiest way to integrate yourself into a taken man’s life is by being “one of the guys.” By learning about sports and playing along like you like them, you can get in with the guy you want to steal. While his wife may catch on to your game, it will only hurt her to complain about you. Most guys are clueless when you’re hitting on them, but their wives aren’t! However, nothing is more unattractive than a nagging wife, and the more paranoid his wife becomes about your friendship, and the more she nags – the closer they get to breaking up! It’s a win-win situation!

How To Steal A Man Tip #2: Be Available

Being available when a man needs you – whether it’s to help him pick a present for his wife, a shoulder to cry on, or help with an errand – increases your odds of sleeping with him ten-fold. It’s the little things that will start to attract him to you, and you always want to create opportunity for a sizzling moment between you two – because sexual tension brings you one step closer to the finish line.

How To Steal A Man Tip #3: Be Attractive

You might be thinking that’s a lot easier said than done, but you don’t have to be a model. It just means, always look good. If you’re aiming for a man that’s been married for more than five years, chances are his wife has let herself go. By keeping yourself on top of your grooming, putting on minimal makeup, and making a little bit of effort with your clothing choices – you can be more appealing than his own wife. It won’t be long before his mind is wandering to you and he’s fantasizing about sleeping with you while he’s sleeping with his wife.

How To Steal A Man Tip #4: Be Sexual

The art of stealing a married man isn’t just about looking good and hanging around, it’s also about seduction. In order to seduce a man, you also have to give off sexual vibes. You can do this with body language – leaning in, smiling, maintaining eye contact, and even with your laugh. A deep, throaty laugh can sound sexual in the right context. By walking the line of inappropriate you can get him thinking about sex while you’re with him, but be careful not to go too far – or you might scare him off too early.

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