Cheating 101: Dress For Sex-cess

How To Look The Part For The Ultimate Sex-cess

Find out how to send signals that you’re up for cheating on your husband or interested in hooking up with married men by following these hot, easy tips! By dressing in a way that sexually excites others, you’ll attract flirtations and opportunities for cheating.

Dress For Sex-cess #1: Wear Lingerie

Wearing lingerie doesn’t have to be something that you share with anyone else. By the act of simply wearing something sexy, whether it’s black, lacy, a garter, a push-up bra—you’ll feel more confident and sexy. A study done by top women’s magazines showed that women who wore sexier undergarments felt 84% sexier than women who didn’t. It’s all about your mindset—so start off on the right foot – one leg at a time.

Dress For Sex-cess #2: Dress For Your Body Type

Low-cut, skin-tight, or short as hell aren’t always your sexiest choices. Knowing your assets and your problem zones are key for dressing to attract attention and lovers. If you have a nice hour-glass figure or are slim, then wearing something form-fitting like a body con dress will show off your assets. If you’re larger, then you want to stay away from clothes that cling, and opt for something more drapey with touchable fabrics. You always want to aim for something that says “look at me” without attracting attention to your problem areas, and you always want to keep it classy. 80% of men prefer women who dress elegant but sexy to women who dress full-on hoochie.

Dress For Sex-cess #3: Subtly Sexy Makeup

Sometimes women think that more is more—that is definitely not the case when it comes to makeup. Never wear a load of eye makeup and lipstick at the same time, and never overdo the blush. If you believe that your sexiest facial asset is your lips, then keep your eyes simple with mascara and draw attention to your lips with a bold pop of color or shine. If you want to draw men into your eyes, use smokey or dark neutral colours and keep it natural on your lips and cheeks.

Dress For Sex-cess #4: Use Jewelry And Accessories To Direct His Attention

If you pile on rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings without consideration to the placement, then you’re robbing yourself of stolen glances and stolen husbands! Consider the use of only one or two bold jewelry pieces or accessories. If you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, then to draw even more attention to your breasts, wear a long necklace or pendant to attract eyes to your assets. If you have nice calves and wear a dress, think about wearing an ankle bracelet to draw the attention downward. Even simple, hanging earrings can be an attractive addition to a long neck with an updo. Remember, ladies: Confidence is the most sexy thing that you can wear! Check out these related articles: Get Yours By Getting Hers!, Tease Like Dita Von Teese!, and our Most Popular Articles for finding ways to meet single and married men!