Cheating Sex Stories: Advice From The Hookup Trenches

Cheating Sex Stories

Read real life cheating sex stories from formerly unhappy husbands, and find out what they learned and the advice that they have for newbie sex cheaters. We’ve compiled some of our favorite stories from some of our favorite readers who’ve spoken on the benefits of cheating. There’s nothing we support more than cheating at, so be sure to share your cheating successes with us! Keep reading to find out how Todd, Geoffrey, and Peter used cheating to make their lives better!

Cheating Sex Stories: He Found His Soulmate

Todd, a 37-year-old construction worker, was happily married. Or so it seemed to friends and family. He went to work every day, came home to a home-cooked dinner and a beer, and usually fell asleep in front of the television. On weekends he went to barbecues with his wife, and if he got lucky and she drank a little bit too much they’d have sex. Something inside of Todd was restless. At first he became more irritable at his job, then more irritable toward his wife, then the one beer turned to three every night. Todd was unhappy in his life and his relationship.

He tried to make things more exciting with Cindy. He took her out for dinner and tried to be more romantic. But she rarely ever wanted to have sex, and seemed more interested in baking for her community group. Then one night, after drunkenly confiding in a co-worker about his marital problems, his coworker suggested he try cheating. He started detailing some of his cheating sex stories then pulled up his phone and showed Todd the women he had been meeting off of hookup apps. Looking at the glowing screen with beautiful girls smiling back at him, Todd didn’t take a whole lot of convincing.

When Todd got home that night, his wife pretended to be asleep to avoid intimacy with him. In the morning he joined a few adultery and hookup sites. He made a fake name, and used a somewhat generic photo, then he sat and waited. At first he didn’t receive more than a couple of messages, then he changed his profile and made it more interesting. Suddenly he started getting the attention of women in their early twenties. They were sending him brazen messages detailing the various sexual things they wanted to do to him. He felt guilty, but night after night his wife turned away from him.

Finally, after over a month of chatting with beautiful young women online, Todd decided he’d had enough—he was going to cheat with one of them. He met up with “Beth” the next day, a 26-year-old who was also unhappily married. They enjoyed a low-key date at a quiet location. From the moment Todd stepped out, he started to feel better about himself and about his life. Somehow his job seemed less tiresome, and everything had a new glow. After months of electric sex, Todd finally came clean and left his wife. He’s now a lot happier with Beth—his true soulmate!

Cheating Sex Stories: What Todd Learned

“If you’re unhappy with your marriage, then take the steps to see what other life you could have. Cheating will either show you that what you have is good and if you make the effort you can fix it, or it will show you that you could have a different life — one that makes you happier. I’m glad I cheated, and I highly recommend doing it.”

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Cheating Sex Stories: Fulfill The Wild Side

Peter, 32, has a beautiful girlfriend. They have an average sex life and he isn’t unhappy with his life. However his girlfriend isn’t kinky enough for him. In his early twenties, Peter was a wild guy. His band used to tour across the coast and he’d hook up with a different groupie at each show—sometimes two at a time. He spent years of his life having threesomes, fulfilling every kink he wanted to, and all with beautiful women. Now he’s restricted to one woman, his old band retired, and his new job more corporate. He was finding it difficult to stay loyal to his girlfriend, and was considering having an office affair or sleeping with their mutual friend.

Peter knew if he suggested an open relationship that his girlfriend would blow a gasket and it would be over. After thinking it through, he realized that sleeping with people his girlfriend knew could potentially create a huge mess. He decided to secretly join a cheating sex website and hook up with an anonymous woman for one night of sex. He met up with a girl the next day on his lunch break, and had amazing sex. His girlfriend had absolutely no idea when he came home. By limiting his chatting with women in the city to only work hours and with women he isn’t personally connected to in anyway, he’s able to lead a fulfilling sex life like his golden days without threatening his current relationship.

Cheating Sex Stories: What Peter Learned

“At first I felt guilty cheating on my wonderful girlfriend, but it keeps me sane and she has no idea. I always wear protection and I only hook up with women my girlfriend will never meet. We’re both really happy, and will probably end up getting married. If you’re having a difficult time staying loyal to your wife, try out an online fling. If you don’t become emotionally invested, then you’re not really betraying her.”

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Cheating Sex Stories: The Wife Swap

Geoffrey, 44, has been married for over twenty years. He married his high school sweetheart and they had three kids together. After the kids graduated high school and flew the coop, he found that he had a lot less to talk to his wife about. They seemed to drift apart without the excitement and constant problem-solving required to raise children. Things had been getting stale when Geoffrey’s friend told him about a wife swap website.

Intrigued, but unconvinced his wife would be into it, he investigated and started reading some cheating sex stories first to find out where to start. He joined one of the popular cheating sites and realized there were a lot of attractive couples, both their age and younger, looking to fool around with other couples in a safe environment. Geoffrey knew Barb would scoff at his suggestion, so he began messaging a cheating wife that lived near them on the down low. Soon after they began an affair. Neither of them wanted to leave their spouse, but they were having so much fun enjoying the sex that they didn’t want to stop.

Then one day Geoffrey left his phone unattended. He was unaware that his wife had been growing suspicious of his activities outside of the house. She took the opportunity to scroll through his texts and discovered his affair. At first she became upset, but then after they had an open conversation about what wasn’t working in the relationship, she decided to try it to. Barb met a man online and enjoyed sleeping with someone other than her husband. Geoffrey and Barb decided that it might be exciting for them to try cheating as a couple, picking members online for each other to sleep with. Now their sex life is revived, they’re living a totally new life, and they both have fun playing their “cheating game.”

Cheating Sex Stories: What Geoffrey Learned

“Cheating saved my marriage. What can I say? I was a scumbag, but it all worked out in the end for both of us. I’m an open-minded guy, and let Barb do her thing. Sometimes we even have couples over to the house. We’re going to have to get a new lock just in case one of the kids comes home unexpectedly!!”

Cheating Sex Stories: The Golden Rules For Not Getting Caught

Not every wife is as understanding as Barb, so follow these simple tricks to prevent getting caught cheating!

Cheating Sex Stories Success: Don’t Stay Over

Make sure you get home before it’s too late, as staying out all night is a dead give away that you went home with a woman. If you can’t shower before you leave her house, be sure to carry fabric softener sheets in your glove box to rub on your clothes and get her perfume off!

Cheating Sex Stories Success: Don’t See Your Lover More Than Twice A Week

Keep your cheating under wraps. If you’re cheating every night, your wife or girlfriend is definitely going to notice. If you’re only doing it once a week when you’re telling her you’re playing golf—you’ll be good as gold.

Cheating Sex Stories Success: Don’t Change your Habits

If you suddenly start doing things you don’t usually do, your wife will take notice. Coming home every night late, constantly texting, or changing your appearance are all tip-offs that you might be stepping out.

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