Cheating Sex: The Modern Marriage Lifestyle Report

Modern Couples Use Cheating Sex To Spice Up Their Relationship

Discover how cheating sex and steamy affairs are the new norm in modern marriages and relationships, and why you should join in on the excitement too. You’ve probably read something about the new phenomenon sweeping the sexual nation: INFIDELITY IS THE NEW FIDELITY. Your significant other has probably read about it, too. Have either of you brought it up, though? Probably not. Our leading researchers have determined that while 80% of couples would like to have sex outside of their marriage or relationship they don’t express that thought to their partner.

That disconnect in communication is why many couples fail to hold their marriage together even though they both love each other. Most modern marriages don’t pass the 5 year mark. It’s not because people want to enjoy a little cheating sex now and then, it’s because they don’t feel they can be open about it with their partner. Times are changing, though. Because now, more than ever before, many couples are trying a new type of relationship. It’s not considered “open” or “polyamorous,” it’s called “fluid.” It’s based on the practice that as long as you are transparent with your partner and respect their feelings, you may step outside of the relationship — and enjoy what was once considered cheating sex, as a new reality and way of life!

How Cheating Sex Can Work In A Regular Relationship

Many couples starting out on the journey of transitioning from sneaky cheating sex to fluidity in relationships aren’t sure where to begin. Sometimes they try to ease into it by enjoying a threesome with a friend, or getting side boyfriends and girlfriends. Through many emails from our readers, and months of research we’ve determined that might not be the best route! The best way to incorporate new sexual partners and have open cheating sex is to try online hookup sites. Read our reviews to find the right site for you and your partner.

Sometimes both partners don’t want to enjoy cheating sex. In fact, in about 20% of cases, the woman is quite content to remain physically faithful to her husband while he casually sees people on the side. Most of the couples that we talked to told us that as long as they set up boundaries and rules, there was never any fighting or problems. 70% of the women we talked to said that as long as they didn’t have to see it, they didn’t have a problem with their husband having cheating sex.

Cheating Sex Paradise Suggestion #1: Set Boundaries and Guidelines

If you’re not sure where to begin with setting up sex guidelines with your spouse or significant other, we have a few suggestions to help you get started! Remember, these are only suggestions, take and use what you need as you need it.

1. No sex with mutual friends — To avoid drama in social circles or awkward moments at gatherings, don’t “screw the crew.” Once you cross that line, jealousy and competition can creep in.

2. No sex with other people in your shared bed(s) — If you live together, the thought of another person having sex with your spouse in your shared bed can be very disconcerting. Try to hold your trysts at the lover’s place.

3. Wear protection — Out of respect to your partner, always wear protection so you never have to have that discussion.

4. Transparency — Transparency is key to keeping everyone happy. If you’re entering into an arrangement where your spouse or partner lets you have sex with others, be honest with them.

5. Timeline — Create a loose schedule so that you and your partner can create an agreed upon amount of time that you can spend with your other lover(s). If you spend more time cheating than with your main squeeze, it might cause a rift.

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Cheating Sex Paradise Suggestion #2: Communication

The key to making cheating sex work in your fluid relationship is COMMUNICATION. You want your partner to feel as though you’re being completely honest at all times, and that you aren’t putting your lover above her. If your wife isn’t happy, then you’ll need to change your approach.

Many couples report success by setting a 3, 6, and 9 month timeline to sit down and have a discussion about how well the fluid relationship is working. If you’re getting a lot more extramarital sex than she is, she may become jealous or feel less desirable.  Jealousy is often a big factor in halting the initial transition into this new sex lifestyle. In order to avoid that, you could both create profiles on an infidelity or cheating hookup website. If your wife also feels that she has options open to her, she will be less concerned with who you’re having sex with, and everyone wins! Check out Cheating Wife Site Reviews for our take on some of the most popular cheating sex sites out there. Many of our readers have reported marital bliss from using the anonymous online approach to finding sex.

Cheating Sex Paradise Suggestion #3: Using Lovers To Improve Your Currently Stale Sex Life

Although many couples are quite happy in the bedroom when they decide to step out, there’s a large percentage of married couples who step outside of their relationship because they are not being sexually fulfilled. Although your spouse may not believe it at first, over 70% of couples report an increase in frequency of sex and a higher quality of sex with their spouse after cheating.

The reason for this is because taking a new lover shakes you out of the sex rut you’ve been in. Perhaps you both always have sex in the same position, week in, week out. You’re both attracted to each other, but the need to “impress” them doesn’t exist anymore, because you’re already married. This sense of complacency is what kills a married couples’ sex life more than anything else! When you have sex with a new person for the first time, you generally try a little harder and are more open to new positions and new sexual experiences. These new experiences and techniques then inspire you to reach a little higher with your own wife.

Your wife will be happy with your new sexual skills and enthusiasm, and you’ll be happier because you get to have great sex with your wife—and with someone else!

What If You’re The Only One In The Relationship Who Wants Cheating Sex?

Sometimes your wife will allow you to sleep with other people, even if she doesn’t want to be a cheating wife. This is ok! It doesn’t mean she’s unhappy, it just means that she considers this a compromise to make the relationship work. When this happens, in 90% of cases, the wife doesn’t want to hear about or see you with other women. She knows you’re doing it, but she doesn’t want to have to actively participate in this behavior. This can sometimes cause strain on a relationship, but there are ways around it!

Cheating Sex Paradise Tip #1: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

As long as you don’t bring your girlfriends to your shared home or out with your mutual friends, your wife can happily ignore what she knows is true—that you’re having great cheating sex with other women! If your wife doesn’t want to step out, it’s probably because she’s very focused on maintaining a strong family life and the perfect front to her friends. By keeping your lovers out of her line of sight, you’re helping her keep order in her home.

Cheating Sex Paradise Tip #2: Remain Emotionally Faithful And Attentive

As long as your wife still feels special, valued, and the most important person in your life, she’s fine with you sharing your body with other women.  She would like to think that you’re faithful, and as long as you still treat her the way you did when you first fell in love, it won’t matter to her that you’re banging sexy young women!

Cheating Sex Paradise Tip #3: Hook Up With Strangers, Not Friends

The most important part of this equation, and the best way to prevent your wife from feeling overwhelming jealousy, is that you need to steer clear of having cheating sex with her friends and your friends. While this can work if you’re doing it on the down low, if you’re trying to remain transparent with your wife about who you’re sleeping with, this is bad idea! Finding sexy, available women and other cheating wives is really easy online. You don’t have to worry about running into the women at social functions, and it’s a lot easier to break it off with random strangers than it is an acquaintance or old friend. By sticking to women you meet on infidelity sex sites you’re doing pre-damage control.

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