Cheating 101: Spread ‘Em, Bed ‘Em, But Don’t Wed ‘Em

Should You Have A One Night Stand, A Casual Fling, Or Leave Your Spouse?

If you can’t tell the difference between what makes someone a great hookup or marriage material, read on to find out why sometimes it’s better to cheat. Look for these signs as to whether you can maintain a secret relationship, transition them to your significant other, or if you need to ditch your lover fast!

Cheating 101: Do They Want You To Spend Money?

One of the biggest signals that you should cut and run is if your lover demands you spend money on them right off the bat. If they want you to buy them gifts and take them out for dinner, then their high maintenance love might not be worth it. These divas often try and break up marriages if they sink their hooks into you. It’s better to have sex with them a couple of times and end it!

Cheating 101: Do They Talk About You To Their Friends?

Is your lover telling you what her girlfriends think about you, and is she trying to introduce you to her friends, co-workers, or family? Run as fast as you can – unless this is the person you want to leave your spouse for, she is big trouble. She thinks that you’re in a serious relationship or at least headed toward one, so unless that’s what you want too – you’re in for a whole world of drama. Cut and run – back to your wife!

Cheating 101: Do They Engage In Public Displays Of Affection?

You have to be careful when cheating if your objective is to keep it a secret. Your lover could be touching you in public because she really enjoys your company and is attracted to you – or she could be doing it because she wants your wife to find out. You have to use your discretion when this happens. If she does also want you to spend a lot of cash and introduces you to people she knows, then you might have a disaster waiting to happen. If she touches you because she cares and is attracted, then you can probably make it work by letting her know you have to be careful – at least for the time being.

Cheating 101: Are They Dating Other People, Too?

If your lover is sleeping with other people, then chances are she won’t become clingy or demand too much or your emotional effort or time. If your lover is solely focused on you, and it becomes apparent that she wants to spend every waking moment with you – then you might want to write this one off as a fling. The more emotionally invested she becomes, the harder it will be to walk away!

How To Make Cheating Easy

If you’re not sure where to turn when all of your lovers get clingy, want you to spend money, or start gossiping – then looking online is your best bet. If you find someone who is just looking for sex, especially the ones who enjoy sleeping with married men because there’s no commitment involved, then it’s a lot easier and you can avoid some of the situations listed above. For more on cheating check out the popular! See related articles: How To Ball Like A Celebrity and Your Tarantino Cheating Style.