Go From Introvert To Sextrovert

Step Out Of Your Sexual Comfort Zone And Become A Sextrovert!

If you’re too shy to approach people, read about how online dating will help you build confidence, avoid rejection, and get you laid with minimal effort. Finding someone to go on a date with is totally easy when you follow these easy tips for online bliss.

Sextrovert Online Dating Tip #1: Just Go For It

By forcing yourself to message people – especially people you would never approach in real life, you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. This is the first step to becoming confident and sextroverted! You don’t have to fear rejection online, because hooking up over the internet is fluid and transient. No one remembers who messaged them, if they aren’t interested. If they are interested, you can get to know them through chatting without fear of fumbling for words or embarrassing yourself. This is great for breaking the ice before you actually go on a date. You already have things to talk about and have “met” them.

Sextrovert Online Dating Tip #2: Wave It Around Like You Just Don’t Care

Confidence is a learned and practiced skill, most people aren’t born totally sure of themselves. Confidence attracts lovers, opportunities, and inspires confidence in other people that you know what you’re doing. It’s easier to project confidence online, because you can manipulate your image by choosing specific photos and revealing specific information about yourself. It’s a great way to break into being confident!

Sextrovert Online Dating Tip #3: Fake It ’Til You Make It

If the first or second tips are too difficult, then try this trick used by public speakers and performers. Become a persona! What does that mean? Take Lady Gaga, for example, she was a grungy lounge singer before she became “someone else.” She created a new name, a new look, and a new sound for herself. She is still the grungy lounge singer deep down, but she became someone else to sell records. You can apply this to dating by choosing traits that you want to be and then acting like someone who has those traits. As they say – “fake it ’til you make it!”

Sextrovert Online Dating Tip #4: Try Something New

Another great way to build confidence is to go for someone who you usually wouldn’t be attracted to. Not only could you discover you’ve been missing out on something great, but by switching it up from your usual “type” – the type that can intimidate you in real life – you take pressure off. If you don’t care if you end up hooking up or dating the person, then it makes it a lot easier to be confident and enjoy yourself!

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