What’s Your Astrology Sex Style

Your Astrology Sex Style And How To Maximize Your Dating Potential

Find out how your specific astrology sign can help you get laid right now by making the most of your personality traits and your dating and hookup style! Whether you’re a fire, water, earth, or air sign – you can maximize your potential with these suggestions. Be the best version of yourself to increase your chances of getting laid.

Your Sex Style: Fire

If you’re a Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries then you have many of the most passionate traits of the zodiac. This is both a positive and a negative, because while you’re dynamic, creative, and adventurous, you can also be egotistical, unpredictable, and self-centered.

How To Get Laid As A Fire Sign

Maximize your best qualities by keeping your temper in check, thinking things through before you act on them, and learning not to take things personally. Highlight your charming side by being friendly and interested in what your lover has to say. Fire signs make great arm candy, so creating a sexy online profile is an easy way to attract mates. Playing up your personality through the way you dress is also an easy way to attract attention. Check out this article on how to highlight your assets: Cheating 101: Dress For Sex-cess.

Your Sex Style: Water

If you’re a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces many people regard you as genuine, caring, and intuitive. These are all great traits to have when looking to settle down in a relationship, but some of your negative traits can hold you back from casual dating. You’re the most emotional element in the zodiac and can be very intense when you care for someone – even if you’ve only just met them. – mysterious, intuitive, most emotional, good with people, empathetic, caring, genuine, nurturing, intense, inspirational,

How To Get Laid As A Water Sign

Maximize your best qualities by dialing back your negative ones. If you become attracted to your date right off the bat, keep it in check and play it cool. You’re a genuine and inspirational person, so focus on those aspects instead of your more emotional ones – and you’ll do great! Getting to know your lover online first is a great way to get a handle on who they really are before you dive in.

Your Sex Style: Earth

If you’re a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn then you’re known for being down to earth, decisive, and dependable. Your faults are that you can be materialistic, superficial, a workaholic, and possessive.

How To Get Laid As An Earth Sign

If you apply your work ethic to dating you can be very successful, just remember that people require some romance and emotion, not just being penciled in to your schedule. Your lover will appreciate your dependability and decisive nature. Meeting people through your career, your interests, or finding like-minded lovers by choosing people online with similar interests is your best bet.

Your Sex Style: Air

As a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius you’re known as being independent, a good communicator, and mysterious. However, you’re also known for having your head in the clouds and getting bored with people you date quickly because you’re attracted to new, shiny objects.

How To Get Laid As An Air Sign

Because your element can be flaky, try to take cues from earth signs by being on time and dependable. Your lovers are attracted to your mysterious nature, so by also being on top of your game you become even more attractive. You’re a sign that meets people in unlikely places and can have a lot of luck online! Read more articles on: CheatingWifeSites.com, and find out What’s Your Sexual Style Era?