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Does Measure Up To All The Positive Reviews?

Find out if lives up to its hype reviews and if it really is one of the hottest xxx infidelity sites or if it’s just another online scam! I went undercover – and under the covers – to find out if the hottest, horniest, local cheating wives really wanted to have sex. Were these broads ready to give up the goods, or would I have to work for it? Keep reading to find out how AFFAIRS CLUB measures up against the competition. First of all, Affairs Club is 100% free and boasts the “largest collection of unfaithful wives.” That’s a pretty bold claim considering how popular cheating sites are these days. Did you know that over 50% of wives are currently cheating on their husbands? They do it because it’s satisfying, because they’re not getting enough attention at home, and because it’s really fun to have an affair! Secondly, on first glance this site may seem somewhat scammy. Sure, it’s free – but how many of these women are really cheating wives ready to get down at any given moment? Keep reading to find out how I fared this season up at the bat. affairs club

Were My Results Worth Joining For?

Absolutely! I was very pleased with my results compared to the competition. For a free site it outdid many of the paid ones, with a premium level service and response rate. Check out my successes in 14 days: – I sent 75 messages to horny wives – I received 67 replies to the first wave of messages – I was contacted by 41 cheating wives who just loved my sexy profile and wanted to have sex with me (not even joking) – I went on 28 dates – and I would’ve gone on more, but I ran out of time. Sorry, ladies! – Of those 28 dates, 23 of them got me laid! – I also had over 26 requests for dick pics. I think that just broke my record! To see I’m happy with is an understatement! Affairsclub is a great place to go if you’re looking for sex with cheating wives. My results speak for themselves, while I sent out 75 messages, the actual sign up, messaging, and browsing process was a breeze. There wasn’t any hard work or real effort involved in any of it.

Samples Of What Worked On…

Some of the things that I found worked in my favor are listed below. Feel free to use these for your own sexual benefit! 1. Find out what your favorite wives want before creating a profile: If you have a type, or if you just want to find out what the women in your area seem to be seeking out the most – laying low on the radar for the first day of sign up is a great way to gather intel. Make sure that your profile reflects at least one or two of your favorite housewives’ sexual interests. 2. Indulge the wives in their fantasies: If a horny housewife begins messaging you about what she wants in bed, or what kind of man she wishes she could find – it’s because she wants you to fulfill her fantasies. She’s hoping you’ll play along with her game and make her feel alive again. Even if you’re not any of those things, by telling her you are – you both make out happy! I learned… well, I learned the easy way that giving women what they want is the fastest and most sure-fire way to get laid. 3. Listen to their complaints about their husbands: And then become everything that their husband isn’t — even if it’s a complete lie. This feeds into the last tip. Listen to what they want, but listen just as carefully to what they don’t want. They aren’t joining sites like AFFAIRSCLUB.COM because they’re happily married. They’re joining these sites because they want sex, they want to be desired, and they want the opposite of what they currently have.

Some Of The Unique Features Of

For a free site, Affairs Club offers a lot of features. With “over 4 million members in the last 4 years” I assumed it must be a pretty streamlined experience, but it exceeded my expectations. You can expect to find things like: – WEBCAM CHAT: Engage in live video foreplay with horny wives. Most of these women just want to get straight to the hooking up, but some of them can only leave their house at certain times of day because they’re scared of getting caught. These are the wives that love to get naughty for the camera. I had a lot of fun with this feature! I may have even done my own striptease! Highly recommend trying it out. – XXX PHOTO-SWAPPING: Not only can you video chat, but you can also send private photos. A lot of the cheating wives post naked photos blatantly on their wall – but some like to keep it classy, and wait until they’ve messaged you a few times. Hey, the best things in life are worth waiting for. – GPS MESSAGING: Message women based on proximity. If you’re not too choosy and are a man who can’t waste his time with messaging and driving – then you’ll want to use this feature. Find broads purely based on how close they are to you by using the Affairs Club app. – ADVANCED SEARCH: If you’re a pickier guy, you can refine your search to whittle away the type of cheating wives you’d never hook up with, and pick and choose from what you consider to be the cream of the crop. And, it’s 100% free! To see how Affairs Club measures up to its competition, check out our comparison chart and review site at Cheating Wife Sites. Screen-Shot-2015-09-10-at-4.24.38-PM

Stuff We Didn’t Love On…

While Affairs Club boasts that it’s the “internet’s oldest real dating club for married cheaters,” it doesn’t really seem to have enough features to make that claim. I don’t know what extra features I’d add, but if you’re the oldest, then surely you have the most? Still… it’s a pretty good site.

Is Good For Having Affairs?

Technically, I’m not married – so I can only weigh in on one side of this. Is it great for a single guy like me to have an illicit affair with a desperate married woman? Yes, most certainly! In fact, it’s a great place to have affairs with many desperate married women! I highly recommend this site to guys that are looking for a low-commitment fling with a woman who is eager to please. No one gives it out like a horny housewife – and yes, I am a bit of an expert! Will I keep using this site after I finish this review? Abso-freaking-lutely! Maybe I’ll see you there – but probably not, unless you’re a hot housewife! For reviews on other hookup, dating, and cheating sites? Read: Check out these other popular posts on hooking up and finding local hotties: Affairs Club Site & The XXX-Files: Sex Is Out There and Cheating Sex Stories: Advice From The Hookup Trenches.